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We are always making choices in our life and with these choices, we shape our being. The habit of well choices will open a horizon of “possibilities” in front of us to experience the “good feeling of life”. The original and “artistic” selection is the common language of people that knows no borders.
Messbar Company, with several decades of experience in the stationery industry, has provided you with a set of the best options to choose from by providing a new generation of writing instruments, creative items, and educational materials.
The brands introduced by this collection have up-to-date technical knowledge and a rich history. Quality, artistic design, attention to environment and respect for the personality of the audience are among the most important features of the products introduced by Messbar.

Responsibility, Diversity, Service

Kaweco have been manufacturing pens and pencils in Germany since 1883. This year is the Foundation of the Heidelberger Federhalterfabrik (Heidelberg dip pen factory) in the city of Heidelberg.
In 1889, Heinrich Koch and Rudolph Weber take over the Heidelberg dip pen factory and set-up a new production facility in Handschuhsheim,right outside of Heidelberg. The products are marked with the brand names Perkeo, Omega and Kaweco.
By 1921, Kaweco employs 600 people and produces about 130,000 fountain pens annually.
In the 1930s Kaweco created the Sport line of chunky hexagonal pens which became an enduring classic.
During World War II production is stopped almost completely. Several months after the End of the war, the company receives permission to resume business on October 30th, 1945.
In 1994, Michael Gutberlet – a lifelong pen and, in particular, Kaweco pen enthusiast – bought the Kaweco brand and tooling. Since then, Michael has painstakingly resurrected the Kaweco brand using a combination of Kaweco’s historical designs and innovative, modern materials. Michael has since been joined in the business by other members of his family, and Kaweco has gone from strength to strength; combining its classic 1930s style and precision German engineering with modern twists. The results are a
stunning range of pens, pencils and accessories.
By the beginning of the new millennium Kaweco begins building a world-wide sales network. Currently, Kaweco writing instruments are available in over 40 countries.

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Time is a game played beautifully by children

in 1933, Camillo Moro creates the brand CMP (Camillo Moro Padova) and launches the production of small blackboard chalks, which are part of the company’s collective memory and have been used by countless children in Italian schools. Sealing wax, billiard chalk, clay balls and ink powder completes the CMP range.
Over the following decades, the company has constantly innovated and developed new products, becoming a leader in the production of watercolor, poster paint, finger paint, acrylic paint, oil paint, textile paint and wax crayons with a special focus on children’s products. Investing in quality and safety of the products remains fundamental to company’s philosophy.
In 2003, the company acquires the logo PRIMO and begin to promote its products under the new logo. Alongside this new brand, it decides to keep its traditional CMP mark of quality, which has distinguished and accompanied us for so many years.
In December 2005, the patented triangular wax crayon was invented and launched successfully in the markets which has gained great success.
Since 2005 alongside the range of children’s products, the company began to develop a hobby and professional range for adults, which enables it to invest in quality and increase the production levels.
With a major investment, the company implemented a 200 KW photovoltaic plant to produce renewable electric energy. Since 2010 Morocolor’s facility has been run by means of solar power and lit by LED lighting. A low water consumption system for the washing of the mixing and careful recycling of chalks, watercolor tablets and powder and wax crayon waste. Plastic waste is ground and sold to companies specialized in the recycling of such material. The company sets very high standards for a sustainable and environmentally friendly production policy. Wherever you see the symbol “Made with sun power”, you can be sure that the items are manufactured without harmful emissions to the atmosphere.
By 2016, and in line with the growing demand of the customers, the company had expanded its sales network in over 80 countries worldwide.
This has been possible only by expansion of the production facilities in Italy. This allows the company to increase the selection of its high quality, Made in Italy products.
And today: A fully Italian production. Morocolor is proud of its production, which is carried out in its Italian facility located in Campodarsego.
Always careful to deliver value for money, we combine technology and experience and we use safe raw materials, holding full control of the production processes and full traceability for all our products. The constant experimenting and innovation is carried out by our internal research laboratory, where formulations, techniques and new ideas are developed.
All our products are rigorously tested and meet the compliance requirements of our sector. Great care is taken in the realization of the packaging by choosing recyclable materials, special safety caps for small children’s safety and by designing multi-purpose containers. Every colour can be mixed together, even if belonging to different product families, because creativity knows no barriers and flourishes with the use of different techniques and materials.

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A Toy System Emerging from Education

Our story began in 2004 with a passionate teacher, Costas Sisamos, who refused to settle. He saw a problem – students were struggling to create and innovate during their Design & Technology classes in Cyprus schools. With grit, determination, and a lot of heart, Costas developed the first sketches of his idea for modular plastic connectors and 3D-printed prototypes. Despite facing financial challenges and skepticism from others, he refused to give up on his dream. And thus, Engino was born – a tool for education that links technical knowledge with pedagogical training, helping children develop critical life skills such as problem-solving, critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity.
But Engino is more than just a construction toy – it’s a philosophy. We want children to be able to solve problems based on their abilities without getting trapped in the construction part, which can lead to frustration and lack of interest. With Engino’s snap-fit system, there’s no need for cutting chopsticks or using screws and tools, making it simpler and more enjoyable for kids to build and innovate.


About Us

In 1965, as a founder of writing instruments industry in Iran, Abbas Assim alongside his father and brothers founded the first ball pen manufacturing plant in Iran.
Over the following decades, the Assim family expanded the scope of its activities in the field of production, import and distribution of different types of writing instruments so that at the end of the 1970s, it succeeded to be one of the main pillars of the stationery industry in Iran. Since the mid 70’s and the late 90’s, the next generation of the family have also joined the writing instruments industry and trade.
Since the beginning, it has been at the top of the founders’ agenda to provide high quality manufactured and imported products, from pens and pencils to mapping and drafting equipment.
To be more focused on import and distribution of mapping supplies and drafting equipment, Messbar Company was established in the late eighties as an affiliate of the Assim Group. In September 2017, the company was re-organized and changed its mission and defined some new goals: on the one hand to focus on providing a new generation of writing instruments, creative products and innovative educational tools for children and adults, and on the other hand to redefine the consumer’s attitude to these commodities. In pursuit of these goals, the company has begun working with a number of reputable European companies with the same goals.
Our vision is to create a clear platform for supplying a wide range of products including writing instruments, creative items, and educational toys for all age groups. We aim to do so in collaboration with the producers who not only have a clear background in providing high quality and functional products and have a special focus on consumers’ health (especially children’s), but also are concerned with protecting the environment for the present and future generations.

We assure our customers that the goods we distribute are entirely purchased from producers with such a brilliant background who have put such great goals at the top of their work plan.